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Need an emergency repair or your roof replaced in Blyth?

Here at Go Roofer in Blyth, we can fix, repair and replace the roof to your property for both homes and business alike in Blyth. Dedicated to providing a quick and efficient Roofing Service in Blyth, we can help if need a tile replacing, right through to a new roof. We can also supply and fit new guttering, soffits and fascia. We never charge a call out fee, so we’ll always come out and have a look at what needs doing and provide you with a free quote. It's one of the reasons why we are so popular in Blyth for fixing, repairing and replacing any type of roof, chimney repairs, replacing lead fixing ridge tiles and leaking guttering.

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At Go Roofer Blyth we believe getting you roof repaired or replaced in Blyth should be easy and stress-free. Our free quote service enables you to find out how much your repair or replacement roof will cost without any obligation.

Once you are happy with our price and instruct us to proceed, our team of roofing technicians in Blyth will be totally dedicated to ensuring that no matter what your roofing situation is, we can act quickly and safely, working to your

Alex is your local roofer in Blyth

“No one likes to wake up or get home and find there’s a tile missing, or even worse, a leak in their roof. The damage that a leaking roof can do isn’t nice.”

“That’s why we’ll be out to you, usually within 24hrs, to survey the issue and work out what you best option is. If we can get away with replacing part of the roof, or simple putting a couple of tiles we will. Our surveys are free and you are under no obligation to proceed with us.”

“Once you decide to go ahead, we work safely to ensure any repair or replacement is completed to the highest possible safety and quality standards. Our reputation locally means a lot to us, so we always want to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

We can help you with all of this in Blyth:

  • Repairing Leaking roofs
  • Renewing gutters
  • Pointing chimney stacks
  • Leading chimney stacks
  • New build roofs
  • Stripping & recovering existing roofs
  • Renewing or repairing flat roofs
  • Re-bedding verge and ridge tiles
  • Any aspects of slating/tiling
  • Stripping old roofs
  • New UPVC facsia and Soffits
  • Flat roofs felt or GRP Fibreglass

Discover HOW we care for you here at Go Roofer Blyth

When you call Go Roofer Blyth we will get out to you fast!

We are here for you literally 24/7.

Go Roofer Blyth come to YOU for FREE!

We also get to YOU fast as we are local.

We only offer you Fixed Prices in Blyth – No ‘crafty hidden extras!’

We quote you for the job FIRST and then promise to not charge a penny more.

What might need repairing or replacing when it comes to your roof?

When it comes to your roof, there could be a number of issues, but we’ve highlighted a few below so you get an idea of the repair or replacement you may nee. It can help to understand what type of roof tiles you’ve got.

Clay Tile Roofing

There are so many roof tiles now available on the market from a wide range of machine made clays and concretes, hand made clay tiles, pan tiles, reclaimed tiles and fittings. The best way to work out what you need is to consider the pitch and weight per ton of the roof. We may also have to consider the appearance of the tile and surroundings and if the property is listed – we may have to obtain permission from the local planning officer, but we can advise you on this.

Slate Roofing

If your property is a little older, it might have slate roofing tiles, and if its really old, even without roofing felt beneath. Over time the fixings can begin to fail and the slates slip. Slipped slates can be re-sited using lead clips. If we have to strip a slate roof we always look to salvage the slates which are cleaned and re-holed for a new fixing and then reused on the same roof to keep the price down.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt roofs are designed to endure harsh weather conditions, in harsh climates, all year round, no matter where you live. They weigh considerably less than slate or clay roofing tiles and are high in durability but are also extremely low maintenance.

Do you need your guttering or fascia sofits repairing or replacing in Blyth?

Guttering Repairs and Replacements

Sometimes it’s the guttering and not the roof that needs repairing or replacing. Blocked gutters can build up at an alarming rate and cause real problem with excess water. If the gutter is blocked, the concentration of water can leak, causing damage to fascias, soffits, timber, walls, pointing, paint work and brickwork. We can repair guttering where possible or supply and replace where necessary.

UPVC fascia & Soffits

Fascias not only look attractive, but provide a protective shield to your house as well. Fascias help keep your house secure from air pollution, sun light and other harmful elements. We can replace wooden fascia with UPVC boards, that do not perish over time or require painting. We use waterproof fascias that are not damaged by damp or moisture.

If your roof needs replacing in Blyth, you should consider:

Tile Matching

When re-roofing or extending an old roof, the key is to replace or match “like with like”. We will be able to match the tiles and if needed, help you get permission from your local planning officer if it’s a protected building.

Roof Insulation

If you roof does need replacing, it’s a good opportunity to make sure its property insulated, saving money of your heating bills by making sure the warm does escape from the roof.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to get a your roof repaired or replaced in Blyth.


You can either call us or request a quote online.


Simply tell us the issue and we’ll survey the problem and give you three options to choose from.


Once you are happy with our price and service will be proceed with the job.

Some frequently asked questions:

We’ve put this simple guide together, so when you need your roof repaired or replaced you’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision on the work you need.

This is a tricky question as really, we need to see the roof and the issue first before we quote. That’s why we offer a free survey as we need to inspect your roof first before we can come up with a confirmed price. Any price given up to that point will only be speculative, so make sure if a roofer does quote you, they’ve seen the roof first.

Its very important – all our roofers make health and safety their top priority. They all have full Public and Employers Liability Insurance with one of the UK’s leading insurance companies.

Yes – Loft conversions, Velux window fitting and Sun tunnel installations are part of our home improvement portfolio. We offer a full painting and decorating service including mock Tudor repair and maintenance.